Airlines in Nepal
airlines in nepal
As talking to the air facilities in Nepal, the country has the good access to both domestic & international airlines. More than seven airlines companies are actively operating the air services in the country. And more than 15 international airlines are providing the genuine services to the Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu. So, you need not tto worry for your Nepal trip. Contact us for the any inquiry related to the air services.

Domestic Airlines
There are seven domestic flight carriers operating scheduled flights to almost 44 districts of the Kingdom. Today it is possible to reach to most of the tourist destinations in Nepal, from the remote airfields to major hub cities by air and this facility has greatly enhanced the tourism industry. The step taken by the Government of Nepal by adopting an open sky policy allowing the private airlines to step in the domestic air service front has strengthened the development of at least the tourism sector. Nepal Airlines, which is officially known as “Royal Nepal Airlines”, is an airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the government owned national flag-carrier airline and operates more than 30 domestic and 7 international routes. The main base of Nepal Airlines is Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Here are also more than 6 airlines which are operated by private sector. The major airlines operated by private Sector are Yeti and Buddha; both are very popular among tourists flying to Nepal.

Nepal Airlines
Nepal Airlines is formally knownas Royal Nepal Airlines. Its main base is at Tribhuvan International Airport. The airline came into existence in July 1958. The Nepal Airlines are comparatively cheaper than other any airways and so are the facilities. At Present the airline has seven aircraft and operates its flight services to 39 destinations from which seven of them are international. It had made possible to reach to most of the tourist destinations in Nepal. The airline operates a fleet of seven aircraft and flies to 39 destinations in which seven of them are international. It provides its flight services to Qatar, United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. In India Nepal Airlines provides direct flight service to Delhi, Patna and Calcutta.
Destinations :Kathmandu / Lukla / Pokhara / Jomsom/ Bharatpur / Meghaully / Janakpur / Nepalgunj / Dolpa / Jumla /Simikot
Buddha Air
Buddha Air is a privately operated air travel company founded on 23 April 1996 and registered as a private limited company at the Company Registrar Office of the Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal, under the Company Act, 2021 BS of Nepal. The company headquarter is located at Jawalakhel, Lalitpur while there are two city sales offices in the most convenient locations within the Kathmandu Valley. After 12 years of dedicated non-stop service, more than 100,000 flight hours logged in with over 3 million passengers flown to nine destinations with permanent runways in the country, Buddha Air today is the largest domestic air travel operator in Nepal employing more than 500 experienced professionals. The company has the largest fleet of the world’s best aircrafts amongst all domestic airliners in operation with four 18 seat Beechcraft-1900 D, three 47 seat ATR-42 and one 72 seat ATR 72-500 flying out to all the trunk routes with a minimum of 1200 m of permanent runway. It is the company’s policy to place safety at the highest priority.

Buddha Air’s safety record and reliability has earned a host of awards including the Highest Safety Award given by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation of the Government of Nepal as well as a list of the most esteemed clientele in Nepal including most United Nations organizations, all major diplomatic missions, international non government organizations as well as national level organizations.

Buddha Air prides itself in maintaining an absolutely clean and transparent financial accounting which is one of the reasons why the company has gained the trust of some of Nepal’s major banks as well as international institutions like the International Finance Corporation/World Bank (IFC/WB), General Insurance of India. Starting with an authorized capital of NRS 70 million the company cleared its loan of NRS 71 million within 6 years of establishment. On 27 September 2004, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation honored Buddha Air for being the first among private sector airlines in foreign exchange earning during the fiscal year 060/061. The company’s good governance practices earned the confidence of the International Finance Corporation/World Bank who provided a loan of USD 10 million for the purchase of the latest addition in Buddha Air’s fleet, the ATR 42.Buddha Air places great emphasis on safety and as well as operating new modern equipment, each aircraft is fully equipped with navigational aid equipment and flights are only operated in airports with asphalt runway of not less than 4000 feet length. The maintenance and engineering department has a fully trained work force including 45 cockpit crew, 5 flight operation officers, 18 qualified engineers and 31 technicians. We maintain an inventory of aircraft and engine spares replacing any part that doesn’t pass our tests regardless of whether it is new or old with absolutely new parts. Buddha Air has also successfully completed a Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Project – South Asia audit as a an ardent follower of the manufacturers and industry standard in the performance of our flight operations maintenance and safety & procedures. Buddha Air has renewed its aviation insurance for the 12th consecutive year with zero claims, something no other airliner in Nepal has done. Buddha Air’s services are operated from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Bhadrapur, Biratnagar, Janakpur, Simara, Bharatpur, Bhairahawa, Dhangadi and Nepalgunj, as well as chartered flights and daily Mountain Flights.

Destinations :Bharatpur / Simara / Biratnagar / Bhadrapur / Janakpur / Nepalgunj / Bhairahawa / Pokhara / Dhangadhi-DHI

Yeti Airlines

Yeti Airlines, the private carrier provides the widest and best network of flights in Nepal. This airline is famous for its larger number of flights to Lukla 9100ft, the gateway to Mount Everest. And also to the Himalayan destinations like Jomsom 8800ft in the popular Annapurna region, and Simikot 9250ft, the main gateway to Mansarovar in the Tibet Autonomous region of China. Yeti airlines started operating commercial flights in September 1998 and within a short span this airlines has garnered a lot of patronage from passengers and agents alike.

The airline enjoys the best market shares on its flight sectors. Experienced flying crew and maintenance personnel, welcoming cabin crew, efficient and professional ground handling and related services have resulted in the best performance of the airlines. Yeti airlines operate regular scheduled and charter flights to the major parts of the country. The company was established with the aim to play a role of economic stimulator for the development of rural areas (in particular) and other areas (in general) as well as tourism industry of the country by providing best network of flights in the kingdom of Nepal-with a focus on the rural areas for the primary benefit of the local population directly and through the development of rural tourism in the country.

Destinations :Kathmandu / Lukla / Pokhara / Jomsom / Bharatpur / Meghaully / Janakpur / Nepalgunj / Dolpa / Jumla / Simikot

Agni Air
Agni Air since its inception has always focused on providing world class services to its customers. The well-crafted seats will provide an utmost level of comfort and relaxation. Coupled with the in-flight entertainment and the camaraderie of its cabin crew your time will just seem to fly. Crews have been professionally trained to ensure the safety and welfare of the customers and at the same time take as much care of the customers so as to provide them with highest level of customer satisfaction.
Agni Air has been in the transportation business for a number of years, and look forward to many more successful years. It strives to make transporting you, your belongings, or an important package as smooth as possible. It takes the pleasure in introducing Agni Air Ltd. as one of its kind in the field of Air Taxi operations. The airlines commenced its operations in 2006 and since then it has been totally committed to providing efficient and safe aviation facilities. Till September 2008 it has catered around 2.5 million passengers including 1.5 million foreigners.

Agni Air is committed to providing best in class, reliable and convenient air transportation that meets or exceeds our customer expectations. Its work philosophy has been to look forward and always strive for excellence. It has made plans for substantial investments in the 21st century, so that Agni could always maintain the high standards of quality in service it has provided and at the same time project itself as modern progressive airines. Therefore its will to move forward coupled with the friendly and caring service of our team speaks elegantly of our determination to reach new heights.

A significant focus of its strategy formulation has been the implementation of IT Systems. An exercise in foresight done by the management emphasizes the need of making substantial investment in technology in order to project itself as a safe, professional and modern airlines. Agni plans to implement Online Reservation System whereby customers would be able to check flight availability and reserve seats online, thereby, saving their precious time and effort.

Destinations : Kathmandu / Lukla / Pokhara / Jomsom / Bhadrapur / Nepalgunj / Tumlingtar / Biratnagar / Phaplu/ Janakpur

Guna Air
Although the Guna Empire was initiated as a small gold shop known as GunaJewellers in Patan since 2040 BS (1984 AD), we have grown to a multi-industry company in a span of a few short years. By 2053 BS (1997 AD), Guna Cinema Pvt. Ltd., Guna Co-Operative Ltd., Asian Food Cold Storage Pvt. Ltd., Guna Colony Pvt. Ltd.,GunaSmritiSewa, GyanBikash Secondary School, Stupa Housing Pvt. Ltd. Are already in operation. In the years following, Guna began to set a league of its own; Guna Cinema currently operates 8 movie halls in total, the largest number by far in Nepal. We are also one of the initiators of the housing and apartment movement that has been sweeping across the nation of late. Stupa Housing and Guna Colony, both part of the Guna enterprise, have built successful and immensely popular housing and apartment complexes in Sinamangal, Lazimpat, Bhaisepati among other places.

Being dedicated to service is always Gunas motto, and this has been our work ethic since our conception. Now, with a broader audience in mind, we have launched GUNA AIRLINES. Guna Airlines will serve both local as well as foreign travellers regular, service and reliable flights to several destinations to and from Kathmandu. Coupled with all that, we provide the world-exclusive MOUNTAIN FLIGHT to Mount Everest and other beautiful Mountain Range of Nepal. The flight will take you on a journey to the top of the world and back, all in a few hours. Guna is always concerned about safety measures, and hence safety plans are carefully followed and regulated on a daily basis, provided by the guidelines of ICAO & CAAN.

With auspiciousness and blessings received from the god and our well-wishers with the new year (2066 BS), Guna has launched its flight; literally as well as figuratively. This was a decisive time for Nepal and its people, and it was a decisive time for Guna as well. The Guna group of companies was already on a pedestal with the service it has continued to provide since its conception. The new aim was towards the sky- and with that, two aircrafts (two Beech 1900).

Beech 1900 has a seating capacity of 18 passangers and one for the cabin crew. With a major focus on safety and service, Guna aims to hold out a steady competition to the already established market-leaders in the aviation service sector.

Destinations: Pokhara/ Kathmandu /Biratnagar / Everest Flight / Nepalgunj / Pokhara

Sita Air
Sita Air started a modest domestic operation within the kingdom of Nepal on the 6th February 2003 with one leased Dornier 228-202K aircraft. We added the second Dornier by April 2003. We are at present the proud owners of 4 Dornier 288 Aircrafts within 5 Years of operation with scheduled, charter and cargo operations throughout Nepal. Sita Air aims to promote tourism and offer safe, efficient and reliable air transportation services.

Sita Air Operates 4 German manufactured Dornier 228-202 twin engine Turbo prop aircraft fitted with Garrett TPE-33-10T Engine. It is an 18 seater STOL ( Short Takeoff and Landing ) aircraft, with single window seating, capable of landing in 35 of the 47 airports in Nepal. It is certified for both passenger and cargo operations.
The 10-T is a higher horse power rated engine, ideal for Hot and High places similar to the conditions in Nepal. The engine is more reliable, has increased maintenance intervals and has reduced hot section cost giving increased aircraft value. Operational safety and technical superiority are the major reasons for the selection of the Dornier.

Sita Air is an airline based in Kathmandu, Nepal, operating domestic flights. Its main base is Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. Sita Air operates services to the following domestic destinations: Lukla, Pokhara, Tumlingtar, Dhangadhi, Janakpur, Bajhang, Biratnagar, Jomsom, Nepalgunj, Dang, Kathmandu, Simikot, Chaurjhari and Surkhet.

Destinations:Lukla / Pokhara / Tumlingtar / Dhangadi / Janakpur / Bajhang / Biratnagar / Jomsom / Nepalgunj / Dang / Simikot / Chaurjhari

Tara Air
Tara Air, a subsidiary of Yeti Airlines, offers scheduled and chartered flights using Pilatus Porter 6, Dronier and Twin Otter aircrafts using STOL and other airports of Nepal. Tara air is popular airlines in Nepal domestic flight sector.Tara air operates its flights from Kathmandu to Lukla, Syangboche, Taplejung, Bharatpur, Lamidanda, Phaplu, Meghauli. It also flights from Pokhara to Meghauli, Bharatpur. It flight from Surkhet to Simikot, Jumla, Dolpa, Rara, Bajura, Bajhang and from Nepalgunj it flights to Simikot, Rara, Dolpa, Jumla

Destinations: Lukla / Syangboche / Taplejung / Bharatpur / Lamidanda / Phaplu / Meghauli

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